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Glenn Research Center
1990 Phase II

Light-Weight Flexible Thin Film Solar Cells for Space Applications

International Solar Electric Technology

Inglewood, CA

    Light-weight, high power density thin film solar cells on flexible substrates
Flexible Copper-Indium-Diselenide Solar Cells
Flexible Copper-Indium-Diselenide
Solar Cells
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    • Produced polycrystalline copper-indium- diselenide (CIS) solar cells on flexible metal foils
    • Work led to an Air Force-supported project that resulted in the demonstration for the first time of CIS solar cells with over 1 kW/kg power density on polymeric substrates
    • Received innovation award from NASA
    • A joint experimental effort is in progress with a multinational company to produce the cells on a specific light weight substrate
    • Received over $3M Advanced Technology Program contract for communications applications of these devices
    • Very attractive for many NASA, commercial and military satellite power applications
    • Useful for terrestrial applications where light weight and flexibility of solar cell is desired
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